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ASUS Eee Pad Transformer stand and adapters surface on Amazon Germany


We feel like if you're going to buy an Eee Pad Transformer, you may as well spring for the $150 docking station -- you know, the thing that makes the tablet so noteworthy. And we don't need to remind you it also happens to be a solid value proposition: the dock brings not just a full keyboard, but two USB ports, an SD card reader, and up to seven hours of extended battery life. There must be some people content with just the slate, though, because ASUS is rolling out a trio of accessories that offer pieces of the docking station's functionality. Head on over to Amazon Germany and you'll find individual USB and SD adapters for €19 ($27) a pop. And though it's not listed with the adapters, NetbookNews also spotted a €29 ($41) stand with a USB port, SD slot, and headphone jack. Before you get too excited, though, Amazon is saying the adapters will ship one to three months from now, which leaves you quite a bit of time to save up for the full keyboard dock. Just saying, folks.

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