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Massively Exclusive: Elsword community Q&A, part the third


Part three of Elsword's Massively-exclusive dev diary is now available for your perusal. This time around, the devs talk about their long-term goals for the game, character favoritism, and the relation between Elsword and fellow side-scroller Grand Chase. Dash on past the cut for their answers.

Q: What is your long term goal for Elsword development?

A: Our long term goal is to improve and make Elsword the best action game for our players worldwide. While we'll continue to create excellent content like new towns, new dungeons and new characters, we won't be afraid to try new things and apply ideas. For example, the original Elsword actually didn't have towns like it does now, and players would need to use a button to visit the NPC shops or travel between different zones. The only places where people could socialize were PVP rooms and within the dungeons. In order to give our players an opportunity to socialize and an easier way to communicate with others, we decided to add towns and the staging areas right next to them, which back then was a drastic change, but now is a big success. As such, we'll continue to improve and try new things to make sure players get the best experience possible.

Q: Out of curiosity, which is a common favorite character among the game developers?

A: No favorites. We love ALL of them equally! Unfortunately that's a blatant lie. We do realize that all characters are different and they all have pros and cons. But at the same time, as developers, we have to remain impartial because favoring one over another would cause balance issues. So as developers, we treat each one equally from a design perspective. That being said... as players, we really enjoy playing as Raven.

Q: How are the Grand Chase characters related to the Elsword characters? For example how is Elsword related to Elesis?

A: Who is Elsword's sister? Is it really Elesis? Or not? If in fact they are siblings, how will they reunite? Or is it just a rumor? In time I'm sure questions like these will be answered. We've added a great deal of back story to Elsword. Raven's back story for example is particularly deep. But to learn more about Elsword's background you will have to stay tuned.

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