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Trion picks up David Luehmann to head third-party dev program


Trion Worlds has hired on games developer David Luehmann to take care of its third-party development arm, and Luehmann says he'll be working on "two, three or four more" titles for the company to develop and publish in conjunction with third parties. Luehmann formerly worked with Microsoft Game Studios, a division that knows quite a bit about dealing with cross-company development, having acquired Rare and Lionhead, as well as dealing with other developers like Epic Games, Double Fine, and lots of other solid game houses.

Trion Worlds of course made and released the popular MMO Rift, and is currently working on an MMORTS title in conjuction with Petroglyph called End of Nations. Luehmann says that Trion isn't looking for any specific number of third party games to publish, but that the company is looking for "something that will turn into a fantastic experience" from a studio that's working on "connected" titles.

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