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All Points Bulletin slays lag and improves matches

Eliot Lefebvre

The relaunch of All Points Bulletin has brought with it quite a bit more buzz than the game had during its first go-around, but there are still issues to be addressed and kinks to be worked out. Fortunately for the devoted players of the game, the team behind the shooter has been working diligently to try and hammer things out as fast as possible. That starts with the ugly issue of server-side lag, which the most recent developer post claims to have slain for good. That's in addition to NVidia SLI support, a good thing for players who want to run the game at truly breathtaking settings.

Beyond the technical side, however, there have been some adjustments and re-examination of the game's threat level system. The rating system is meant to ensure that players fight against other players of roughly equal skill, but due to some issues with the data the average players wound up being pushed into a handful of tiers, resulting in a few tiers with huge variances in levels. The blog entry outlines the changes being put into place to fix the issue, as well as future updates for the game in its current incarnation.

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