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Good morning, here's a dog dressed as Amaterasu


Even dogs took part in the cosplay activities at this year's Otakon convention, with Dante the dog here dressing in the divine garb of Okami's heroine, the goddess Amaterasu.

If you have a white dog you'd like to style as Amaterasu (and who is a good boy like Dante -- good boy!) his owners detailed the process of making the costume on their blog. Happily, the whole thing was conceived from the perspective of what would be best for Dante; even the decision to bring him to Otakon in the first place was explained as "this was better for him than leaving him in a boarding place for five days." The whole post is full of tips and disclaimers about ensuring your dog's happiness and comfort while also making it look like a video game character.

Basically, our hearts were warmed twice by this story. And then a third time when our eyes drifted back up to the picture.

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