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Mad Catz re-releasing Rock Band 3 with its peripherals

Justin McElroy

When our review called Rock Band 3 "the only rhythm game you'll ever need," we didn't know it'd be taken quite so literally. Mad Catz announced today that it would be releasing a follow-up to the Harmonix masterpiece ... in the form of Rock Band 3. Yes, the peripheral powerhouse has taken over publishing duties and will put the game back on shelves this holiday season.

The re-release may seem like an unconventional deal (and it is) but it's easy to see the logic. For starters, the game's original publisher, MTV Games, doesn't exist any more. Plus, Mad Catz is getting more involved with the publishing world and is already the official manufacturer of Rock Band instruments.

Mad Catz says it will bundle the game with its various instruments including the Fender Mustang guitar/controller hybrid, though not the drum kit as far as we can tell. We're also looking into platforms -- thus far, we know only that Mad Catz has a publisher license agreement for Xbox 360. We've reached out for comment and will let you know what we hear back. Update: For the moment, 360 is the only platform Mad Catz will confirm the rerelease for. Specific bundle details are still to come.

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