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Put a Banksy on your Mac


Banksy is an urban artist who graffitis buildings and structures, mainly in the UK. Most of his graffiti art has a social commentary aspect to it and his artwork has become both sought after and valuable. For those of you who are fans of his work, The Custom Vinyl Shop now offers a selection of Banksy vinyl decals to put on your MacBook, which will either show your appreciation for art or make you look like a desperate urban hipster.

I once lived in a flat in London that had a Banksy graffitied onto its outside wall. From time to time it crossed my mind to go out in the middle of the night with a chisel and jackhammer and remove the portion of the flat's wall the Banksy was on and put it up on eBay but, alas, I figured I'd probably just get caught (and a few weeks later the owner of the house had covered the artwork in plexiglass). Oh well, I still might not be able to have an original, but now at least I can put a Banksy on my MacBook.

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