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Warner preps for UltraViolet with Flixster Collections app to manage your movies


You don't have to wait for Green Lantern or Horrible Bosses on Blu-ray before getting a taste of the UltraViolet future, as Warner has released a beta version of its Flixster Collections app that wants to dig deep into your movie library. Currently running on Macs or PCs, it's not concerned with where your media is -- it ties in with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, iTunes then asks about your disc collection and downloaded files -- but it wants to index all of it. Once everything is imported, you can browse through them in a Netflix-style interface and even share them over different social networks. As Home Media Magazine points out, the access to titles from all studios is an important first here, but until UltraViolet actually launches, there's not much to do once all your information is out there. Hit the source link to try it out yourself, and make sure you've got the requisite logins handy, you'll be a while.

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