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HTC and China's UnionPay ink deal for NFC-enabled mobile payment system, new handset


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Fun news for the swipe-to-pay set: HTC has signed on to produce an NFC-enabled phone -- this would be its first -- in China this September. The deal will see China's UnionPay Co. start accepting mobile payments using this HTC device through its 400,000-strong network of POS terminals. A UnionPay rep. on-hand suggested that that number will likely expand to 700,000 by year's end, and good thing too if you consider the country has some 2.6 billion credit and debit cards in circulation worldwide. Unfortunately, there was little mention of HTC's new device, though the pictures seem to suggest that the current prototype used in the demo was a revved up version of its Incredible S smartphone -- tentatively referred to as the HTC "Stunning." The jury's still out on the this whole mobile payment thing, but we're firm believers that if it is safe and convenient, everybody's gonna buy in.

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