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NPD: Catherine sold 78K copies in July


No, the cake isn't quite a lie, but it did omit a key slice of information. Last week, Atlus trumpeted strong first-week sales for its eccentric puzzle game, Catherine, via a celebratory cake: "200,000 sold in the first week," it exclaimed. Try: 200,000 sold-in the first week (meaning shipped).

Following today's NPD report of video game sales in North America, you may have been curious as to why Catherine didn't appear among July's top ten best sellers. The lowest-ranked game, Mortal Kombat, had sold 85K units by month's end. Catherine came in below that, selling 78K copies in its first six days (still making it Atlus' biggest launch yet).

Another weird, well-received Japanese game, Shadows of the Damned, sold 14K during its second month -- proving that there will be no cake in hell.

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