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Samsung Galaxy S Plus gets placed in loving hands, photographed for all to see

Brad Molen

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Just because the Samsung Galaxy S II is selling in the millions and (slowly) making the rounds across the globe, doesn't mean we're actually done seeing its predecessor pop up in its myriad forms, right? We've already been introduced to the Galaxy S Plus -- known to Russia as the Galaxy S 2011 edition -- on more than one occasion, but some hands-on images and impressions have finally made their way to the 'net. The Plus, which appears to be launching as a Vodafone exclusive, has the same specs as originally reported: it has the faster 1.4GHz single-core CPU (which is supposedly just a tad slower than the GSII), the larger 1650mAh battery, and it's preloaded with Android 2.3.3. This might be tempting for anyone considering a Galaxy R, but it's likely not going to turn the heads of potential Galaxy S II buyers. For possible salivation, take a gander at TechRadar's full gallery below.

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