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LG P220 ultraportable specs and shipping date revealed, still no price tag

Sharif Sakr

We didn't have a great deal of info about this ultraportable when we went hands-on at Computex 2011, but we knew we liked its thin bezel and Air-like (though plastic) design. LG has now revealed the final specs and also announced it'll launch the P220 in Korea this month and in Europe shortly afterwards. The Core i7 that powered the model we saw previously has been switched out for a Core i5, but unfortunately this doesn't seem to have done a great deal for battery life, which LG says is around the 5.5-hour mark. In terms of ports, there's nothing faster than USB 2.0, and the color range will put some people off too: white pearl, pink pearl or blue pearl, and definitely no lobster red. There is some good news though: that slimline bezel surrounds a full 12.5-inch IPS widescreen display despite the smaller chasis, with a claimed viewing arc of 178-degrees. Crucially, weight comes in at just under three pounds and the waistline is a mere 0.82-inches. LG hasn't revealed pricing yet, but the company will need to keep a close eye on the forthcoming Ultrabook range if it's to stand a fighting chance.

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