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New Guild Wars 2 blog entry talks Sylvari personality

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

On this final day of Guild Wars 2 Sylvari Week, designer Ree Soesbee steps in for a thorough look at who the Sylvari are: their desires, personalities, and even their darker side.

Ree presents a long list of new details about the Sylvari in her post. She covers the various cycles during which Sylvari are born and how that affects who they are; some frequently asked questions about Sylvari biology; the dreaded Nightmare Court; and much more. The blog entry is also punctuated with some storytelling that serves to expand our view of the tougher, more aggressive side of the race as well as give some insight into an important figure in Sylvari culture.

Check out everything she has to say at the ArenaNet blog.

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