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Windows Phone Mango RTM leaks into the wild, offers tropical sweets for the daring

Zachary Lutz

For those who've longed for Twitter integration and multitasking capabilities on your Windows Phone, the folks at xda-developers have a weekend project you're bound to flip over: the final version of Mango has leaked, and it's available for download today. Internally, it's known as build 7720, and it requires the post-NoDo update dubbed 7392. Alternately, users of Mango beta versions 7661 and 7712 may hop on board, too. If you've got a couple hours to spare, a full list of instructions -- along with the operating system itself -- is included in the source. So far, the software has been confirmed to work on the HD7, Mozart, Trophy, Focus, Arrive, Venue Pro and Optimus 7. As always, proceed at your own risk, and best wishes for your tropical getaway.

[Thanks, Leonidas]

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