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Apple's evidence in Samsung case might not match up


The Internet is abuzz with images from Apple's lawyers presented to a judge in Germany that show Samsung's Galaxy Tab allegedly distorted to better match the dimensions of the iPad. Of course, no one but Apple's lawyers, perhaps, know if the images submitted were intentionally doctored or if they were inaccurate for other reasons, but the inaccurate evidence isn't going to do Apple any favors in the German courts, even if it is an honest mistake.

Earlier this month a German court blocked Samsung from selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 across most of the EU in response to an injunction Apple filed. Apple said that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was a "slavish copy" of the iPad. You can use Photoshop these days to turn anything into a "slavish copy" of the original, but of course if the original comes to light, as it has here, there will undoubtedly be some backpedaling in action. It'll be interesting to see how the German court reacts to the inaccurate pictures, but no doubt Samsung has a smile on its face right now.

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