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Grand Central Terminal Apple Store under construction now


As you can see from the pictures above, the new Apple Store being put into New York's Grand Central Terminal is now under construction. The whole store will be encased in glass, and despite locals' concerns about the project, Apple's plan (which AppleInsider says was delivered to the MTA in specially-designed "linen-lined boxes" -- sounds about right) is being put into motion. The whole operation wasn't cheap -- Apple not only is paying through the nose for the space, but had to pay the previous tenant, a restaurant, to move out of the lease early.

Not that it matters much; Apple's got the cash. And they'll probably make a few truckloads as well -- the store is supposed to be even bigger than most of the company's flagship retail stores, encompassing 23,000 square feet, and being right in the middle of one of the most-trafficked pedestrian areas in the world won't hurt either. Depending on how construction goes, the new store could open as early as later on this year.

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