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Newest producer's letter looks forward to player-owned chocobos in Final Fantasy XIV

Eliot Lefebvre

In most games, when you think of a noble steed, you think of a horse. But Final Fantasy XIV players have been looking forward to the large yellow birds that have always defined the series' transportation, and they're not that far off. Naoki Yoshida's latest producer's letter is all about patch 1.19, and that includes the system he promises to dub "My Little Chocobo."

Okay, he's actually fairly certain that the name won't make it into the game. But the patch does have a very long list of changes, including rentable chocobos and fully purchasable birds via the Grand Company system. And that's hardly the extent of the changes -- the upcoming patch will also feature further overhauls to the combat system, the abolition of physical level, and of course new leves and quests including Grand Company leves. FFXIV fans don't have a precise date to expect the patch just yet, but they'll probably be more than happy with the promise of a yellow steed of their own.

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