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Nokia chimes in on Google's Moto deal, reaffirms its dedication to WP7

All the major Android players were, at least publicly, supportive of Google and its move to snatch up Motorola Mobility yesterday, and so is Nokia it seems. The company released a statement saying:

"This further reinforces our belief that opportunities for the growth of Nokia's smartphone business will be greatest with Windows Phone. This could prove to be a massive catalyst for the Windows Phone ecosystem. Additionally, with our respective intellectual property portfolios, Nokia and Microsoft are working together to build and nurture an innovative ecosystem that benefits consumers, operators, developers and other device manufacturers."

Clearly, the Finnish company isn't buying the big G's lines about keeping its mobile OS open and staying out of the way of its hardware partners. It also sounds as if Nokia is prepared to enter the patent battle fray on behalf of Microsoft, should the need arise. The Mountain View crew may have bolstered its legal weapons cache with Moto's 17,000-plus patents, but things could get uglier before they get better for the mobile giant.

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