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DirecTV teams up with PS3 for Sunday NFL Ticket [update: first image!]


In addition to baseball and hockey, PS3 owners now have the opportunity to catch football games, streamed live through their console. The PlayStation Blog today announced a partnership with DirecTV to offer the satellite television provider's popular NFL Sunday Ticket service, which allows individuals to view out-of-market football games.

Existing DirecTV subscribers can access Sunday Ticket on the console for an additional $50 at the start of the season (on top of what they paid for Sunday Ticket, of course) and can use their console as an additional receiver. PS3 users looking to opt into NFL Sunday Ticket without a DirecTV subscription will have to shell out a hefty $339.95. The PS3 will both show games in HD each week (up to 14) and display DirecTV's Red Zone channel. Or you could just sign up for DirecTV and get NFL Sunday Ticket for free, but then you'd have a bulky satellite dish to deal with.

Based on comments made to Shacknews by DirecTV's director of public relations Robert Mercer, NFL Sunday Ticket will "at least for this season" be exclusive to PS3. "We just want to work with a single partner this time around to give everyone a great experience," he concluded.

Update: Added image of PS3 UI, courtesy of our pals over at Engadget.

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