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New PlayStation Move lineup includes dancing, mini-games and brain twisters


Move Fitness isn't the only PlayStation Move title revealed by Sony at Gamescom. The company also announced several other Move projects and they all seem a little ... familiar. The first, Start the Party: Save the World, is ... a mini-game collection. Next up is a game by the name of DanceStar Party, the trailer for which seems to feature a lot of people just dancing. Finally, we have Move Mind Benders, which bundles together several puzzle games already available on PSN, including Tumble, Echochrome 2 and Lemmings.

It's worth noting that the PSN version of Lemmings does not currently support the Move. Whether Move functionality will be exclusive to the Mind Benders version remains to be seen. A trailer for Start the Party is embedded above. Check out DanceStar Party and Move Mind Benders trailers after the break.

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