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Rise of Nightmares trailer goes on a European vacation

Justin McElroy

It's possible to be too good at marketing.

Today's example of this incontrovertible, long-standing axiom that we just made up is Sega's mature Kinect game, Rise of Nightmares. Between the brutal "Red Band" trailer and the above "Euro Vacation" ad, we're kinda dreading the release day for the game, solely because it means we won't see any more commercials for it.

Listen Sega, 2011 is a fine year to release a game, just fine, but could we interest you in something in a 2012? Perhaps even a 2013? ... Or maybe that's not enough. Maybe you want to put Rise of Nightmares in the elite company of Max Payne 3 and the next Half-Life game with the "Sometime? Maybe?" release window. You don't have to decide now, just think about it, that's all we ask.

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