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From Dust PC players erupt in anger over port

Justin McElroy

We try to be as even-handed as possible here at Joystiq, but we're going to give you the blunt version: If you were thinking of picking up the From Dust port on PC, you should hold off ... at least for now.

While the game doesn't force you to be constantly online to play, Ubisoft has seen fit to require a connection every time you launch the title, which isn't much better. Rock, Paper, Shotgun reports that paying players will find a capped frame rate, limited resolutions for the windowed mode, no anti-aliasing and plenty of bugs. What may be a mere annoyance for console gamers is, of course, the digital equivalent of a plague of frogs on PC.

We here at Joystiq are currently formulating a fix for the problems. True to the spirit of the game, we recommend players dump a pile of sand on their computer, and then a bunch of lava, and then reload their last save.

Note: Technically speaking, we are not computer technicians.

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