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iFixit intros Dozuki, promises 'service manuals that don't suck'


The words "assembly required" shouldn't elicit a horrified shudder. Unfortunately we've all been on the wrong side of at least one connect-A-to-B mishap, which is where iFixit's Dozuki comes in. The service, now in beta, promises an end to user-manual aversion, providing manufacturers a new, updatable tool for delivering instructions to customers. Among other features, Dozuki provides a new form of distribution for otherwise static documents, delivering manuals through downloadable PDFs as well as dedicated apps. What's more, it gives users a say, allowing "expert customers" the ability to pitch in their two cents. The program is now available in beta and will officially launch this spring. If you're looking for a new way to say "insert x into y," full PR awaits you after the break.

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User manuals are stuck in the 20th century. Even the best manuals are still distributed as static PDFs. Service technicians are often stuck with documentation that is months, if not years, out of date. Users hate IKEA-style manuals with vague instructions, confusing graphics, and no photos.

Publishing service manuals that don't suck
We started iFixit with the idea that there was a better way-that useful documentation could help people do amazing things.

iFixit's intuitive, step-by-step repair manuals changed the world. Millions of people have fixed their own electronics using iFixit's manuals-making it the most popular service documentation platform ever created.

Today, iFixit is announcing Dozuki: the software behind iFixit's manuals. Dozuki has two products, Guidebook and Answers.
Online at

Guidebook is a modern procedural documentation platform. Guidebook makes it easy for anyone to create how-to instructions or publish service documentation for complex devices. Every manual is available online, as downloadable PDFs, through dedicated mobile apps like iFixit's iOS app-or through custom API applications. It's simple for technicians to suggest changes, so manuals consistently get better over time.

Answers is enterprise-grade Q&A for experts. Answers is a structured tool for focusing expert conversations into a useful (and searchable) knowledge base. Answers gives companies the ability to make their products a hub for knowledge exchange.

Building expert communities
iFixit won top online community this year at South by Southwest (SXSW). This announcement makes their expertise at building communities available to manufacturers of all sizes.

Dozuki isn't just a content management system-it's a community platform that empowers companies to give their expert customers a voice. Companies that allow their customers to extend their documentation will see consumers flock to sustainable, durable products. By joining the community, manufacturers have the opportunity to set a positive tone, provide leadership, and increase long-term demand.

Workgroup collaboration
Dozuki also targets enterprises needing collaborative workgroup tools. Imagine improving the productivity of distributed teams by giving people access to domain expertise already available within the company. Dozuki can transform existing procedures and support documents into a framework for social interaction.

Proven solution
Dozuki's powerful framework has powered iFixit onto Inc's list of the 5000 fastest growing companies for the past three years. iFixit is now one of the largest Apple parts companies in the world, hosting complete service manuals for every major Apple product. iFixit's popular gadget teardowns receive millions of views and drive consistent e-commerce growth.
Dozuki partnered with O'Reilly to bring Make Magazine's exciting do-it-yourself projects into the digital realm. Their successful Guidebook community, Make: Projects (, allows users to post their own DIY projects alongside Make's professional articles.

Release date
The software is in private beta now and will be launching publicly this fall.

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