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RAGE and RAGE HD for iOS now free for a week


As a result of receiving over 100,000 Facebook "likes," iD Software is giving away its first-person iOS shooters RAGE and RAGE HD for free until next Wednesday, August 24. Both games are universal apps with RAGE HD offering enhanced graphics for Retina displays and the iPad.

The games have you role-play as a contestant on a post-apocolpytic TV game show whose goal is to waste angry mutants. RAGE is fun, though unfortunately "on rails," meaning you can't wander around and explore the 3D environments freely. Instead, the games dictate your movements through the levels.

But hey, you can't argue with free, right? Click the links above to grab the games from the App Store now. But be warned, they'll take up a fair amount of space. RAGE is a 540 MB download, while RAGE HD clocks in at 747 MB.

[via Phone Arena]

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