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Star Wars: The Old Republic supply artificially limited at launch

In an attempt to prevent its servers from collapsing under the weight of a million Force-hungry MMO-players, EA will artificially limit the number of copies -- both digital and retail -- of Star Wars: The Old Republic available at launch. An EA representative reportedly revealed the strategy at a Gamescom demo, but didn't divulge any details such as how many copies would be available, or how long it would take for more copies to be released once the quota is met.

We suppose this strategy makes sense, though we can't help but imagine the excuses BioWare and EA are going to have to come up with to explain why their downloads are sold out. "Bits? You want bits? Sorry friend. We're fresh out of those. Bytes too! Sorry about that. The drought's hitting us awful hard. The ... the technodrought."

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