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Samsung Galaxy Precedent coming to Straight Talk, seemingly $150 off-contract (video)

Zachary Lutz

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Walmart and its MVNO partner, TracFone, are preparing to plunge into the shallow depths of Android with the Samsung Galaxy Precedent. While little is known about the device itself, it appears strikingly similar to the Samsung Prevail, from the chunky volume rocker and external microSD card slot on the side of the phone, to the absent flash on the rear. Of course, Straight Talk's primary selling point with the Precedent is the price itself, which -- according to a promo video for the device -- is said to be just shy of $150 off-contract. This, combined with Wally World's competitive pricing of $45 per month for unlimited voice, text and data, could be a boon for many users who rely on Verizon for coverage (assuming this is a CDMA phone, anyway). While no official launch date has been set, you're welcome to get in line and reserve yours today. Or, just check the video after the break.

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