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SWTOR Crew Skills unleashed


What are these two Star Wars: The Old Republic companions working on? If you've been following the game for any extended period of time, you know they are working on Crew Skills. This is BioWare's answer to crafting in SWTOR. But Crew Skills reach well beyond crafting; players can gather resources and accumulate faction, as well.

When BioWare introduced us to the system a long while back, only eight crew skills were revealed. However, on Friday, the Community Team gave us a stealth update to the Crew Skills page, revealing all the categories. For example, Archaeology is now listed under gathering skills. Crafting skills will apparently grant players Armstech, Cybertech, and Synthweaving. And finally, we will be able to send our companions on Investigation and Underworld Trading missions.

The Star Wars: The Old Republic Crew Skills page has all the latest information; check that out, then watch Massively next weekend for all the TOR PAX information.

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