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New Jinx designs revealed for fall lineup


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Jinx, purveyor of all things World of Warcraft-themed, has debuted some of its new designs for the fall lineup of WoW-inspired clothing. The new designs include a lineup of shirts signaling a player's Dungeon Finder role (tank, DPS, healer) and some new Deathwing designs just in time for patch 4.3. In true Jinx spirit, women's sizes and versions are available for all of the new fall designs.

Jinx's designs incorporate WoW elements as part of their motif or in straight-out reference the game, so there is always something for everyone, which I appreciate. I'm the guy who will wear a video game shirt but not something that says "I am a mage" on it. The new role icon shirts are particularly cool to me, since I love minimalistic video game designs on T-shirts and really want that tank shirt. See, world? You need me in your dungeon queue.

Hopefully, Jinx will have just as large of a showing at BlizzCon this year as it did last year, with a gigantic booth and that crazy murloc hoodie that had me scared and amazed me simultaneously. Check out the new fall lineup over at Jinx.

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