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Walt Mossberg reflects on Steve Jobs' legacy


Everyone is reflecting upon Steve Jobs' times at Apple, and Walt Mossberg is no exception. In this Wall Street Journal News Hub video, Walt reiterates his assertion that Steve Jobs' departure is "...the end of an era," but he's quick to add, "I don't mean by that that this is the end of Apple's success." You can read more of Walt's thoughts about Steve's resignation in his post on AllThingsD.

Mossberg believes Jobs will be considered a historical figure due to his business success and his role as an iconic inventor. He also teases the future, saying that products "Apple doesn't currently make" are being worked on now.

It's not clear from the video if that's just conjecture on Mossberg's part, or if he has knowledge about what those future products may be. The entire video is interesting, as it features a prolific tech journalist speaking about one of the most prolific inventors of our time. Check it out below.

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