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Apple wins expedited trial against Samsung in California


Reserve the date, folks, and grab some popcorn. The biggest lawsuit of next year opens on July 30, 2012. That's the day Apple's Federal lawsuit against Samsung will go to trial, according to FOSS Patents.

The date of the trial is a big win for Apple as most lawsuits of similar complexity in the Northern District of California take 23 months to get to trial. Apple v. Samsung will go to trial in only 15.5 months.

The trial will involve an astounding 43 different claims by the two companies. It's the number of claims that leads FOSS Patents to note that given the "complexity of Apple v. Samsung, this is really a pretty ambitious schedule and, therefore, a major win for Apple."

FOSS Patents also notes that Apple's Federal claim against Samsung over intellectual property violations of its iPhone and iPad is just one of the 19 lawsuits between the two companies in 9 countries around the world. Just yesterday a German court upheld an injunction against Samsung tablets following an EU-wide preliminary injunction against Samsung Galaxy smartphones by a Dutch court the day before. Earlier this month, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 launch was suspended in Australia due to similar litigation.

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