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Rumor: Epic Mickey 2 appearing in online surveys


Epic Mickey 2 is running the rounds of Disney online-marketing tests, complete with box-art and title variations, according to an anonymous source at Destructoid. Disney is apparently getting a feel for the Epic Mickey 2 audience, asking which of the above box arts is most pleasing and which of the following titles most inspires test-takers to open their wallets: Epic Mickey 2: Return of the Mad Doctor, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, Epic Mickey 2: Mystery on Mean Street or simply Epic Mickey 2.

The prototype game Disney is marketing features two-player split screen with Mickey and Disney's first cartoon star, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who uses his ears to fly like a helicopter. Mickey and Oswald are thrown back into the annals of Disney classicism, armed with paint and thinner, just as in the previous title. We can't help but imagine what the box art would be if Don Draper was working on this project -- Mickey painting the town with a bottle of whiskey, Minnie in a bikini on one arm and a new title, Simply Mickey.

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