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Apple gets injunction: Galaxy Tab 10.1 launch delayed again in Australia


The Galaxy Tab 10.1's Australian launch has been pushed back again due to litigation from Apple, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. Samsung had originally intended to launch the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia on August 11, but just a week before the launch Apple succeeded in getting a injunction against sales of the device. Apple said the device infringed on multiple iPad patents.

After the first injunction, Samsung said the Tab would go on sale by the end of August after the company modifies it to address complaints from Apple. Now however, it looks like the Tab won't go on sale in Australia until at least September 30th.

The reason for this second delay is because Samsung showed a modified Tab to Apple to address Apple's complaints, but Apple was still not satisfied with the modified version saying that while the device "had reduced functionality" it "will still infringe" on Apple's patents.

Apple has until the end of the week to cite exactly which patents the modified Tab still infringes on and until September 5th to issue a more comprehensive statement of the facts. Samsung then has until September 16 to answers Apple's new claims. A formal hearing then begins on September 26th, which according to the Sydney Morning Herald, could see "top executives and inventors from both Apple and Samsung" appearing in person or over video conference to explain their patents.

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