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Popular Android browser Dolphin Browser now on iPhone


One of the shiniest gems on the Android Marketplace has made its way over to the iOS App Store. The Dolphin browser was an early alternative to the official browser on Android phones, and actually ran faster and smoother than the real thing for a while. Now, the Dolphin browser has come to the iPhone, and is available as a free download from the App Store.

It's more than just a Safari alternative in this case -- there are gestures that you can play around with, full tabbed browsing capabilities, multiple ways to store sites and bookmarks, and you can easily flip between the standard desktop web view and the special mobile view on various websites. Unfortunately, the app is currently made for iPhone, but it works with iPad, if you can deal with the upscaling.

It's a solid app, and especially if the usual Safari browsing leaves you wanting a little more, you should give it a look. Most of the time, we end up hearing about quality iOS apps heading on over to the Android side of the fence, but in this case, we're glad to have one of Android's favorite apps over here as well.

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