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Uncharted 3 gets its own Spike TV special, contestants needed


Do you take breaks from long sessions with Uncharted 2 to wonder why you're so, so good at it? Perhaps your other hobbies include "being an on-air presence" and "having perfectly coiffed hair?" Then you're a shoo-in to participate in Spike TV's upcoming television "special" dedicated to this November's Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

According to a listing that seeks show participants, you must be available in early October for taping, be a fan of adventure, or a "video game enthusiast," a "puzzle solver," or a "risk taker." Presumably, risk-taking adventurers with a taste for video games will be given first priority.

In order to prove your worthiness for inclusion, shoot an email to Spike with a "link to a video, picture or paragraph explaining why you are the ultimate Uncharted fan who deserves to be featured on the show." And no, scaling the Spike TV corporate building and making your way to the company head's office undetected is not a good way to prove yourself, regardless of the theme.

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