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AT&T discontinues A-List feature for new customers, effective today

Brad Molen

Nearly two years after AT&T introduced its A-List with Rollover plans to become more competitive against the likes of T-Mobile, Alltel and Verizon, the carrier has decided to nix the feature as of today. After receiving screenshots and a leaked memo detailing Ma Bell's intent, we reached out to company reps, who confirmed to us that these plans are indeed going away. While new customers will no longer be able to benefit from having a pool of five or ten numbers (depending on the plan) to call as much as they want, anyone currently using the service will be grandfathered in. One more disclaimer: switching rate plans from individual to family (or vice versa) may wipe the A-List feature off, so proceed with caution. Head below to read AT&T's official statement regarding the matter, as well as a few shots of the leaked memo.

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AT&T's statement:

With automatic addition at no-cost of AT&T's Mobile to Any Mobile offer for our wireless customers with an unlimited messaging plan, AT&T A-List is being discontinued for new users. Existing A-List users are not affected. We have seen a very enthusiastic response to the value of Mobile to Any Mobile which lets users with an unlimited messaging plan call any mobile number in America, regardless of the wireless provider.

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