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Gods and Heroes entices players with extended trial, lower cost and a new class


Gods & Heroes wants you to play it. Like, really, really bad. So much so, in fact, that the Roman-themed MMO is launching a multi-pronged campaign on potential players in an attempt to rope them into the game.

The first prong of the campaign is an extended free trial. Starting today, players can check out the full game for a week by simply signing up on the site. "By extending the trial period from three to seven days, new players will have a chance to really dig into the heart of the game and we know they'll like what they find," Heatwave's Anthony Castoro said.

The cost of Gods & Heroes is coming down as well, hitting a more reasonable $29.99 for both boxed and digital versions of the game. Castoro hopes that this will help interested parties get past any financial barriers and will widen the playerbase: "The community has spoken and our analytics confirm that players really enjoy Gods & Heroes once they've experienced it."

Finally, Heatwave is adding a chunk of new content to the game, including the ranged Scout class and a free archer minion for loyal subscribers. The undead minion Batillus will be granted to players who subscribed prior to August 1st.

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