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Hogrocket's Tiny Invaders now infesting iPhone


Hogrocket, the "micro-studio" formed by ex-Bizarre staffers (including Geometry Wars designer Stephen Cakebread), has released Tiny Invaders. The team's first iOS game tasks players with controlling "a crazy band of space germs sent from outer space to take over the world." To accomplish this goal, the germs leap from one host body to another, controlling minds and working up to the host with the most, the President of the United States.

Tiny Invaders is available now on the iPhone and iPod Touch for $3.99. Check out some germ-infested screens in the gallery below, and be sure to wash your hands when you're done.

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Tiny Invaders

Liverpool, England - September 1st 2011 - Today Hogrocket, an exciting new independent video game development studio, is pleased to announce the release of their self-funded first title: Tiny Invaders. The game is available to download worldwide on the Apple App Store with immediate effect.

Tiny Invaders is a brand new IP from the creative team at Hogrocket. In it, the player takes command of a crazy band of space germs sent from outer space to take over the world! Gamers can control the fun-loving aliens as they jump from host to host, secretly controlling the minds of people all across the nation. Can the tiny team achieve their ultimate target: the President of the United States?

Players guide their team of germs through the body using simple and intuitive one-touch controls. With 60 levels, each with a unique challenge, Tiny Invaders provides many hours of addictive gameplay, as well as full integration with Apple Game Center enabling worldwide leaderboards and a host of devious achievements to collect.

The team behind Tiny Invaders is a collaboration of talented groups brought together from within the games industry and beyond. The Hogrocket team includes three veteran developers, each former members of the award-winning AAA developer Bizarre Creations. Peter Collier, former Senior Level Designer on James Bond 007: Blood Stone, was recently named in Develop's "30 Under 30" talent search. Stephen Cakebread is the creator of the famed Geometry Wars franchise. Ben Ward is the former Studio Communications Manager of Bizarre Creations.

Also contributing are Mathias Grünwaldt, former Lead Sound Designer of Bizarre Creations, who has created a lovable set of original sound effects for Tiny Invaders, and Eamon Urtone, former Lead Video Editor of Bizarre Creations, who has developed trailers for many high-profile titles including Project Gotham Racing, The Club, Blur and James Bond 007: Blood Stone.

Tiny Invader's bold art style was created by a BAFTA award-winning team of animators, Ben Wright and Will Milton, whose past clients include Nickelodeon, BBC, Coldplay, T-Mobile and Harper Collins. The team have created broadcast-quality artwork for the game in a unique collaboration that will lead the way for future integration between different types of media.

Experienced composer Neil Johnston has created an original sound track for Tiny Invaders. Neil is famous for his work at Store Van Music, where he has pioneered an innovative recording technique which combines traditional instruments alongside cutting edge consumer technology like iPads and iPhones. Using this new technique Neil has not only created a fantastic score, but also a "making of" video which shows how he used mobile devices to record the track itself.

Tiny Invaders is available on the App Store now for the purchase price of $3.99 / €2.99 / £2.49.

The Tiny Invaders original ringtone is also available on the iTunes Music Store for the purchase price of $0.99 / €0.99 / £0.79.

Tiny Invaders: "The most infectious game on the App Store!"

Genre: Action Puzzler
Platforms: iPhone, iPhone (Retina), iPod Touch
Release Date: 1st September 2011
Developer: Hogrocket,
Publisher: Hogrocket,
Game download:
Ringtone download:

About Hogrocket:

Hogrocket is an independent game developer established in March 2011, and based in North-West England. The founders are former senior members of the world renowned games studio Bizarre Creations, and have previously worked on such high-profile projects as Geometry Wars, Project Gotham Racing and James Bond 007: Blood Stone. Hogrocket creates high-quality games on multiple platforms. You can track the studio's progress over the web at or follow them on Twitter @hogrocket.

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