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Jarre AeroSystem One's music makes the audiophiles come together


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We've all got that one friend who just cannot believe you'd listen to 128kbps MP3s. Well, forget the rent, slap a handful of Benjamins down, slot this AeroSystem One next to your IKEA furniture, and then continue to play those low bit rate tracks -- it should drive'em nuts. Designed with a decidedly anti-regressive approach to sound quality, Jarre's lamp-like audiophile rig is the Lady Liberty of digital music, accepting not only all generations of Apple's iPods and iPhones, but also tunes recorded in any digital format. The stainless steel and toughened glass-made sound system, measuring about three and a half feet tall and weighing about 32lbs, pumps up those iTunes jams with the aid of two 30W satellite speakers and one 60W subwoofer. Oh, and that cost? Yeah, the sound of this music's gonna run you 799 Euros (or $1,135), but hey -- a month or three of ramen never hurt anybody. Right?

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