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WRUP: Final Joystiq T-shirt reminder


OK, you've got until Sunday to get in your Joystiq T-shirt design.

What's everyone playing?

  • Alexander Sliwinski (@XanderSliwinski): Finishing up Deus Ex, working on Crimson Alliance for review. Oh yeah, and going to Friend's Wedding: Part 5. Always a groomsmen or bridesmaid, never a groom.
  • Arthur Gies (@Aegies): If FedEx is kind, then I'll play some Space Marine this weekend. If FedEx is a harsh mistress, then I'll jump back into Deus Ex to work on that no-kill, no-alarms, no-fun "Give me Deus Ex" playthrough. Because I don't like myself very much.
  • Ben Gilbert (@BigBossBgilbert): Balloon Fight is battling Jetpack Joyride as my portable game of choice, while Bastion and Deus Ex are fighting it out on my couch. It's gonna be a messy weekend, is what I'm saying.
  • Christopher Grant (@ChrisGrant): I continue my mission to finish every mission, side-mission, and side-side-mission in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Bring on the DLC!
  • David Hinkle (@DaveHinkle): My buddy Sean is getting married up in Napa this weekend, so if I can sneak in any gaming, it'll probably be on the iPad. Jetpack Joyride and Fractal: Make Blooms Not War with some Super Stickman Golf, most likely!
  • Griffin McElroy (@griffinmcelroy): [...]
  • JC Fletcher (@jcfletcher): I have Star Fox 64 3D and Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 to try, both of which require me to stop playing The Legend of Zelda.
  • Jess Conditt (@JessConditt): Thanks to a cute UPS man, Catherine will be keeping me company this weekend. I've already been dreaming about those blocks -- wait. That's not a good thing, is it?
  • Jordan Mallory (@Jordan_Mallory): I'll be driving through San Francisco, if you know what I mean.
  • Justin McElroy (@JustinMcElroy): [...]
  • Ludwig Kietzmann (@LudwigK): I'm still playing El Shaddai. I don't think the ... uh ... I don't think the metatron has fully ascended yet.
  • Mike Schramm (@MikeSchramm): I'll be at Call of Duty XP for the beginning of this weekend, so I'll be shooting dudes in the face in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. After that, Bastion is calling my name.
  • Richard Mitchell (@SenseiRAM): With any luck, I'll be plowing through Rise of Nightmares this weekend. If I collapse, know that it was from exhaustion, not fear.
  • Steven Wong: Getting in some Jetpack Joyride and finish playing Bastion.

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