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Driver: San Francisco for Xbox 360 missing Uplay Passport [update]


Copies of Driver: San Francisco for Xbox 360 being sold by retailers do not include the Uplay Passport, a code required to access multiplayer beyond the 48-hour trial period. Driver is the first title by Ubisoft to require a Uplay Passport.

Joystiq contacted Ubisoft late last week when we became aware of the situation. We received a response late last night, saying a statement provided today would "clear everything up in regard to the Uplay Passport codes and Driver: San Francisco."

The Uplay Passport insert in NTSC region copies currently contains a code that unlocks DLC, but is not the code that unlocks the multiplayer.

Update: The Uplay Passport is now free when attempting to purchase through the game. It is not currently available through the dashboard nor Ubisoft has yet to officially comment on this or on how long the Uplay Passport will be free through the game.

Update 2: Ubisoft's official statement can be found after the break.

[Thanks, John P.]

Example of the 19-digit code inside Xbox 360 copies of Driver: San Francisco. The Uplay Passport should be a 25-digit code.

Uplay Passport currently free when accessed through the game.

Ubisoft official statement:- Due to a printing error on the insert of some copies of Driver: San Francisco in North America, Ubisoft has elected to provide the Driver Uplay Passport content for free. Although this problem does not affect players outside of North America, we have decided to mirror this offer worldwide in order to be fair to all our players.

When you begin Driver: San Francisco, you are prompted with the Uplay Passport menu. The menu has 4 options: "Purchase Uplay PASSPORT," "Activate my Uplay PASSPORT," "Start my 2-Day Free Trial," or "Remind Me Later" There are two ways to access these online features:

1. Select Start My 2-Day Free Trial, which will not expire, OR
2. Select Purchase Uplay Passport, which will be provided at no charge.

Either option will unlock the 11 multiplayer modes and the Film Director feature on console titles with Uplay Passport.

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