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Resistance 3's first DLC dubbed 'Survival Pack,' adds Invasion mode to multiplayer


Resistance 3 may be dropping today for PlayStation 3, but it won't be long before Insomniac adds to the multiplayer portion with downloadable content, the "Survival Pack." Arriving on October 4, the Survival Pack injects "Invasion Mode" into R3's multiplayer section, as well as a handful of skins and a "static XMB theme," for $3.99.

"Invasion" is said to be a team-based resource management iteration of R3's multiplayer, forcing teams to control various capture points on the map to earn points (or die trying). And if that doesn't get your mid-20th century heart all aflutter, keep in mind that two brand new (and totally free) multiplayer maps will also be released on October 4 alongside a patch.

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