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The secret liberal agenda of SimCity Societies and Flower revealed

You guys have got to see this video from those jokesters at The Onion: In it, a radio host named "T.J. McCormack" -- we didn't recognize the actor playing him, but oh man, what a talented comedian -- accused certain video games of harboring a liberal, environmental agenda. What games? Oh, you know, SimCity Societies, which allows its players to power their towns using alternative energy sources. Or Flower, which contains flowers.

It's just the kind of absurd, biting wit we've come to expect from The Onion. You guys are familiar with The Onion, right? It's that fake news outlet that runs hilarious news reports that are so irresponsible, so heavy-handed and so devoid of facts that they couldn't possibly be broadcast by an actual news organization. Can you imagine if something like this had been aired on a major news channel instead of a jokey-joke goof show?


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