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La Tale Online prepping Sky Kingdom expansion

Jef Reahard

Side-scrolling MMORPGs are something of a niche in the American gaming market, especially in the age of realistic 3-D graphics and lavish production visuals. Quite a few of these throwbacks are still going strong, though, and La Tale Online is one that's actually expanding.

OGPlanet has just issued a press release trumpeting the game's long-awaited latest patch, and Sky Kingdom looks to continue the saga of Iris by introducing the floating continent of Preios and adding a ton of new content. What kind of new content? For starters, there are nine new subclasses available for existing third class characters, and players may switch between their subclass and main class at will. Sky Kingdom also brings daily quests and new rewards to the table, as well as a reputation system and time-attack dungeons. To offset these new challenges, a new gem-crafting system has also been introduced, which OGPlanet says "will allow players to further customize and empower their characters."

More info is available at the official La Tale Online website and you can also check out the Sky Kingdom trailer after the break.

[Source: OGPlanet press release]

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