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Retribution paladin buff and other hotfixes incoming tonight

Alex Ziebart

A number of hotfixes have been (or will be) applied to live realms today. One is a particularly noteworthy PVE retribution paladin fix intended to bring ret DPS up to match the competition in the Firelands, as paladin DPS has fallen a bit behind in this raid tier. Paladins will be receiving a +40% damage boost to Censure, the stacking DOT associated with Seal of Truth.

The other hotfixes are aimed at quest-related bugs that may have been interfering with players' solo progression. The explanation for the retribution buff and the details of these quest hotfixes can both be found after the break below.

Censure Hotfix Incoming
After monitoring thousands of Firelands kills, we've concluded that Retribution's damage was not where we wanted it to be, so we're going to increase Censure damage by roughly 40%. We'll also be keeping an eye on paladin damage as we move towards patch 4.3. We expect that this hotfix should be applied sometime later today.

We're also considering shifting some of the damage from Hammer of Wrath into other attacks. While that may not necessarily cure some of the current concerns about proc reliance, it should help smooth out damage a bit.

September 9 Hotfixes
  • Paladin
    • The damage dealt by Censure from Seal of Truth has been increased by 40%.
Quests and Creatures
  • If the Steamwheedle Rescue Balloon is killed at the start of Rocket Rescue, players should now be ejected properly, and the ballon reset to its home location.
  • When a player exits the Skeletal Steed vehicle in Welcome To The Machine, all quest NPCs will now despawn.

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