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Syndicate details leak online via Origin


Back in April of last year, a copyright document ferreted out by Superannuation revealed that Starbreeze, the developer of Escape From Butcher Bay and The Darkness, was hard at work on a revival of the Syndicate series for EA. Now it appears that we're all about to get our first look at the fruits of Starbreeze's labor, judging by an early posting to EA's Origin store, caught by the all-seeing eye of Mordo – we mean, gaming forum NeoGAF.

There's plenty of info over at GAF, but the particularly interesting bits include Chips, which add new abilities and skills, four-player cooperative play, and a story penned by Crysis 2 scripter (and author of Altered_Carbon, Black Man/Thirteen and more) Richard K. Morgan. The scuttlebutt indicates that Syndicate will debut in next week's Gamesreactor magazine (a Swedish publication), and really, EA couldn't have picked a better time to reveal a Sci-Fi Noir action-adventure title, could it?

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