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The Sims Social more active than Farmville on Facebook, Zynga still top dog

Jordan Mallory

EA's social-interaction-simulator-within-a-social-interaction-simulator The Sims Social has surpassed casual-gaming monolith Farmville in daily active users, according to Gamasutra. So far this month, The Sims Social has seen an average of 9.3 million active users per day, which play three-ish times a day in 15 to 20 minute increments.

Farmville's figures hover slightly lower at a still-bewildering 8.1 million, but Zynga's Cityville still holds the top slot with 13.9 million active users per day. The only Facebook app that sees more traffic than Cityville is Windows Messanger Live, which was a surprisingly explicit text-based role-playing game, last time we checked. What? Oh... oh.

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