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Activision claims CoD XP was second most-watched livestream ever


Activision used online broadcasting to reach beyond the crowds of attendees during its weekend-long celebration of all things Call of Duty with Call of Duty XP. "We had some pretty amazing metrics," Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg told IndustryGamers. "Livestream, the company that broadcast the event for us, indicated that it's the second most viewed event in history."

The first was apparently live coverage of the Royal Wedding (not to be confused with the Canadian Royal Wedding), while the third was a speech given by President Obama. So there you have it: Call of Duty is almost as important as noble marriage and more important than the president.

Now if only someone could figure out how to make a game where the Royal couple saves the US President from Makarov and stream it online then -- nevermind. Forget that. It'd probably break the world.

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