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StayLocked prototype renders your stolen bike unusable, won't buy you another

Amar Toor, @amartoo

If you can't ride your stolen bike, neither should anyone else. That's the basic premise behind StayLocked Bicycle -- a prototype that effectively self-destructs whenever someone tries to snatch it. The magic lies in the bike's integrated locking mechanism, which is built in to a pair of tubes extending from the back wheel to the seat. Riders can attach the swiveling lock to any fixed post, but if someone successfully breaks it, the bike's chain stays will no longer support his or her weight, rendering the prototype virtually useless, and the thief utterly embarrassed. Of course, this system won't deter criminals from stealing a cycle for its parts, and it's certainly not as ideal a solution as, say, actually getting your bike back. But at least you'd feel better knowing that whoever swiped your ride probably looked ridiculous while doing so.

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