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Square bringing Chrono Trigger, others to iOS (and Android)


The Tokyo Game Show is currently going on in Japan, and here's some news from there that us old school gamers will appreciate: Square Enix is planning on bringing my absolute favorite console RPG ever, Chrono Trigger, over to iOS. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of information on when it'll be out or what's changed from the original (there was a DS version released a few years ago), but I'll wait -- Chrono Trigger is good enough to play through yet again no matter what's different.

There are a few other titles also coming to the iPhone and iPad -- Final Fantasy Legends is on its way over, as is Dragon Quest Monsters. It's unclear exactly what Legends is -- it appears to be a new entry in the mobile realm for the Final Fantasy franchise, and nothing to do with the great old GameBoy game Final Fantasy Legend. Dragon Quest Monsters is of course the spin-off series from Enix's Dragon Quest series, so it'll be nice to have that on Apple's platform as well.

And there's even more -- a card battle game called Diffusion Million Arthur (your guess is as good as ours on that one), a board game called Itadaki Street, and even a card battling game in conjuction with Epic Games (!) called Demon's Source are all due out at some point. Hopefully all of those will eventually land on the iOS store here in North America. That Epic/Square Enix collab especially sounds really interesting.

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