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Sprint reportedly capping its mobile hotspot plans October 2nd

Brad Molen

If Sprint's myriad policy changes are part of the company's strategy update, perhaps we're not looking forward to October 7th's event after all. The latest bout in a series of gut-punching cost-cutting moves is the elimination of "unlimited" in the Now Network's $30 mobile hotspot add-on; according to a leaked employee memo uncovered by SprintFeed, October 2nd is the dreadful date in which all users who have the add-on (sorry Sprintsters, there's no grandfathering) will be given a limit of 5GB, and any overage will be charged five cents per MB. It appears that only phones will be affected, leaving tableteurs safe for now. So if you're currently using the hotspot feature, enjoy the last few solid days of sweet downloading while you can.

Update: To clarify, this change will only be affecting users who have the mobile hotspot add-on; as the screenshot confirms, on-phone data use (as well as dedicated mobile broadband packages) will remain unlimited.

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